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Teresa Writes:

My house (especially the paper clutter) was out of control.  I’ve been wanting to unclutter my house for years.  Then Eliane entered into my life, what a true blessing.  My house will never be the same, everything has a place now.  We set up an awesome filing cabinet and system.  No more paper clutter.  My dining room table is no longer the “dumping” ground!  We can actually eat dinner here without moving all the stacks of stuff.

Eliane also organized my bedroom  and storage closets!  I am so happy! She even made curtains for my daughter’s room free of charge because my daughter was such a great help in organizing her room.

Eliane was truly a blessing in my home!  She has lots of energy and works quickly!  I would whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone who wants to get their life together! I am thankful for Eliane.



October 24, 2008
I met Eliane at a networking at the Clearwater Chamber and was immediately interested in what she had to offer just by the name of her business…UNCLUTTER IT!   That was definitely something I needed!  As a licensed realtor and insurance advisor, I accumulate multitudes of paperwork and needed to organize my files after moving several times in the past 2 years.  Eli got the job done quickly and efficiently, and I am relishing in a completely organized, labeled, neat and tidy office space!   She is an amazing organizer, and I am truly grateful for what she has accomplished for me!  If you are confused about what to do with all the necessary documents that must be kept and can’t stand the CLUTTER anymore, just call Eli!  I recommend her to everyone I know! 
Kind regards,

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