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Unclutter it and get liberated...

 Clutter stunts your social life leaving you unable to bring the ones you love close to you. It may seem insurmountable but making the decision to change can transform your life and relationships and relieve the stress it puts on your everyday life.

 Clutter is a health and Safety concern. Decluttering your living space is a necessity. Uncleanliness hides germs and endangers your health. Tripping over, maneuvering around or lifting things out of the way can cause injury..

Psychologically, seeing constant clutter can make you depressed leaving you feeling guilty, tired, embarrassed and discouraged.

Finding a person that you trust is ultimately important. I understand your problem and will help you find the peace you deserve in your life. With kindness and compassion, I will find a solution that works best for you as we go thru the process of clearing thru your clutter.

My mission is to surround my clients with serenity, transfer chaos to calm, reduce stress, restore order and inspire efficiency at home and at the office.


How the Process Works

Discovery . . together with you, we look at your situation, determine what is causing you the most stress, and decide what you would like to achieve. Then we decide on a plan of action.

Starting small, we can work up to four hours per session, depending on your stress level. I will help you discover your personal values and guide you thru the process picking out what is to keep, discard, or give away and help you realize your space potential and method of organization.

After we have cleared the clutter, I will make suggestions or buy the items needed to organize and create a system that works for you. Together we will place and label items in a way that will make it easy for you.


How Long does it take
This is solely determined by your needs. This is a process that may take a day, a week or end up taking months to finally complete, depending on what you may need. I work at your pace! Generally I find that anywhere from two to four hours sessions work out best for people dealing with the emotional or physical issues involved with this. I am high energy and find that a lot can be completed in a short time when the decisions start becoming easier. I will never push you into making decisions before you are ready, however I will give you space advice.

How Much Does it Cost
All labor is based on an individual hourly rate per each person. I will get pre-authorization before hiring additional workers, cleaners or movers and before buying the materials we need for organization, i.e. plastic boxes, bins or office supplies. I can give you a free general estimate.

"...Eliane entered into my life, what a true blessing.  My house will never be the same, everything has a place now...." Teresa

"Eli got the job done quickly and efficiently, and I am relishing in a completely organized, labeled, neat and tidy office space! " Judy

bonded and insured

member of National Association of Professional Organizers
member of Faithful Organizers

  NAPO Faithful Organizers
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