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Eliane Costa
Professional Organizer

uncluttering your office
will make you money


Displaying an organized professional image increases business confidence level . . .  image is everything when you are working with new clients.

  • Organization optimizes productivity making service faster and more reliable, increasing customer satisfactions for better referrals and more return business.

  • Clutter can be a health and safety factor and plays a big part in the psychology of your office and can avoid health claims.

  • Working in a stress-free environment makes happier employees increasing employee retention, reduces re-training and makes it easier for your customers to develop personal relationships with key employees.

  • Making it easier to perform tasks efficiently will keep your employees smiling and cheerful making your office more harmonious. Your office will maintain higher sales volumes and less employee and customer complaints.

"Eli got “the job done quickly and efficiently, and I am relishing in a completely organized, labeled, neat and tidy office space!" – Judy

“I increased productivity and sales thanks to Eliane’s
organizational plan and hard work...” – Lynn

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