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Eliane Costa  


Welcome to my website

My name is Eliane and I am a professional organizer.

I wanted to help people get rid of clutter and live in a Serene environment.  

My mission is to surround my clients with serenity, transfer chaos to calm, reduce stress, restore order and inspire efficiency at home and at the office.

I want to unclutter the world and I feel that I am on my way.  Hopefully you will be my next client.

People don’t realize that clutter wears them down and that it blocks the flows in their lives.  If someone has clutter in their bedroom their love life might be suffering. 



I have helped few friends and I also redecorated my whole house.  All my friends love to come and visit because my house is welcoming and homey.  I have always been an organized and a clean person and I want to share my knowledge with my clients.  So I started Unclutter It.  I feel that this business is very rewarding.

God Bless




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